Q. My electronic project files are in PDF format, can they be converted?
A. As-Built Solutions is capable of re-drawing PDF format drawings into AutoCAD format for smaller projects. This exersize would not be cost efficient for large projects.

Q. What if I am not able to get an electronic copy of my project files?
A. At As-Built Solutions we are able to transfer paper plans to AutoCad for an additional fee. Please email us at getquote@as-builtsolutions.com with a description of your need and we will provide you with a cost within 48 hours.

Q. How can I obtain an estimate of how much my as-builts will cost?
A. Visit our “get a quote” page and fill in the information pertaining to your project and we will send you a quote within 48 hours.

Q. How long will it take to get my as-built drawings?
A. This will depend on a certain factors; the quality of information, the format of the existing files and the size of the project. A small to mid-size project should typically be complete and sent to you within one week of As-Built Solutions receipt of your drawings.

Q. What constitutes a layer?
A. A layer is an AutoCAD term used to define an independent entity on any given drawing. A layer could be text only, for instance text pertaining to plumbing vent lines or the plumbing vent lines themselves. Every layer is given a specific layer name and color. A drawing can contain one (1) layer to perhaps one hundred and fifty (150) layers or more. Typically, each construction system has its own layer. For example, hot water may be labeled HTWTRPLUM and be drawn in red on the drawing whereas cold water may be named CLDWTRPLUM and be drawn in blue. An item can be a layer in itself or a system can be a layer. Your drawing layer quantities will be based on your personal preference or as dictated by your contract.

Q. How many layers will be required?
A. This will depend on the project’s as-built specifications. For example, a typical three (3) to four (4) drawings for a commercial retail space would require one (1) layer per system. Larger projects typically will require more layers simply because larger projects will have more systems.

Q. Can I have more than one system per drawing?
A. A typical electrical construction drawing, for example, may combine power and fire alarm devices on a single drawing and can be drawn that way in the as-built pro-cess; with each system having a separate layer. However, contract specifica-tions may require the contractor to provide separate as-builts for each system which will also require a drawing for each system.

Q. Can system layers share the same color?
Yes, however it will make it difficult for the end user to easily view independent systems.